What is KinKin?

KinKin is a web and mobile service that can help you stay connected with your family all over the world. On KinKin map you can see where your family members are or have been, send free messages to all your family members or get alerts based on their location.

What mobile devices are supported by KinKin?

Currently KinKin mobile app will run on iPhone/iPad/iPod and other devices. Please note that for proper functioning of the app your device has to be connected to Internet.

Is KinKin free?

Yes, it is and will always be absolutely free. Some extra features require Premium subscription. However if you don't need them you can use it for free forever.

How many family members can I add to my family list?

As many as you want.

How do I add my family member to the service?

A person who registers in KinKin (either on the website or in the mobile app) becomes a family administrator. They can add new family members to the family. You can do so from the website or from your mobile device by pushing "Add family member" button. Your family member will receive an invitation by e-mail.

What is "Turtle Eye"?

Turtle eye lets you see all your family members on a city view. To start using it please make sure that your family list is not empty and their location is being updated. Then turn Turtle Eye on and find your family members on the screen. Rotate the device if neccessary.

Сan I use KinKin to track people without letting them know?

No. This is not a spying software. If you can track a person he is always aware of it.

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